Which is the Best Juicer in India to Buy Online?


Every individual who cooks his/her/their food by themselves hopes to find the best and convenient source of an essential tool to make liquid food items for a quick drink. Whether it be a wrecking day at work, or may it be lazy Sundays, or tiring summer days, or even morning refreshments, we crave for soft drinks or natural juices at unexpected moments of life. For such unexpected moments, we should always be ready with the advanced well-equipped kitchen appliance that will help us fill our appetite with healthy drinks.

There are a variety of kitchen appliances to opt for making tasty and delicious healthy drinks right at your house. Two among them are electric fruit juicers and juice extractors. The heavy-duty electric fruit juicer will always be a better choice whether you are buying it for regular and personal use or business purposes. And considering the social conditions at present, it will be easy and better to buy juicers online. So, which is the best juicer in India to buy online?

Maharaja Whiteline has a wide variety of kitchen appliances to choose from, whether it be an amazing set of electric fruit juicer or juice extractor. Maharaja Whiteline got you covered for all your requirements. In this blog, let us discover some essential information about juicer extractor, which also belongs to the electric fruit juicers in the market. Juicer price in India is relatively better in comparison to the other parts of the world.

Two of the best juicers in India to buy online are as follows which is manufactured by none other than Maharaja Whiteline, which is considered as the first small domestic equipment manufacturer worldwide with 150 years of experience in this field.

The two electric fruit juicers are as follows:

Montero Full Apple Juicer Juice Extractor

Maharaja Whiteline provides one of the elegant Montero full apple juicers which comes with a 550W powerful motor with 2 years of body and motor warranty. It helps to churn the best out of every hard fruit or vegetable. It is also manufactured by Maharaja Whiteline and has a wide and spacious feeding tube to allow the juice to get extracted to the fullest. The anti-splash technology built-in outlet offers clean juicing without spillage. Montero full apple juicer guarantees maximum juice extraction by minimizing wastage. Another best feature includes it has heavy-duty stainless-steel juicer mesh for better extraction and a fine layer of drink. This heavy-duty electric fruit juicer ensures the flexible use of 30 mins continuous grinding. It is considered to be the best juicer grinder in India because of the food-grade safe assurance as well. This model of heavy-duty juice extractor has SS 304 blades and unique structure with rarely seen side locking. This model of electric fruit juicer has an option to buy juicer online at affordable rates.

This model has an easy to use control knob for convenient use. The colour available is polished black.

Red Treasure Juice Extractor

Maharaja Whiteline has another model of juice extractor which is convenient to use. Desire Red Treasure juice extractor powered by Maharaja Whiteline has a 550W powerful motor which comes with two years in the motor and body warranty. It is a food-grade safe product. This model is also ISI certified. The colour of this product, that is, cherry red appeals to one’s eyes. The features of this product help it to grind for 30 mins straight without losing its efficiency. The super sharp 304 SS blades give the finest cutting and churning of fruits. Red treasure juice extractor has non-slip feet and also has a stainless-steel fruit filter that works smoothly. Other major features available on this model are superior stainless-steel mesh, integrated juice carafe and anti-splash detachable spout. It has an anti-splash cover for better use as well. The unique side lock gives it a touch of excellence as well. This electric fruit juicer has a full apple feeder tube for spacious use and juicing of fruits. It had a two-speed setting with a pulse setting as well. The control knobs are easier to use and give maximum juice extraction.

Juicer prices in India are reasonable and affordable at the same time. So, what are you waiting for now? Go ahead and purchase the one which fascinated you.

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