Types of Calculator Online to Consider

Even though we have the feature of the calculator on mobile phones and computers, the actual model of the calculator has been never replaced. The convenience and flexibility that comes with the same are commendable. 

The immense variety of calculators made available in India is worth considering. Every model is built with its very own purpose. Hence, it is important to know your purpose to choose the right model of the calculator from the wide range of the collection available.

In India, there is room for a wide range of models. And the one that stays ahead is the type that is utilized the more. 

Today, in this blog, we will explore the types of calculators that are available in India. 

Desktop Calculator

A good desktop calculator is the simplest model that operates for four arithmetic operations. And if you are looking for a model of calculator for billing or figuring out the cost schedule. 

If your kids want a calculator for a basic calculation of school mathematics, then this model is the one for you. For a long period, a desktop calculator was used as a regular model concerned. However, due to the emergence of other types, priorities changed. 

Today, the model is blessed with commendable features and essentials that stand worthy of consideration. You can avail of a standard type, special type, and stylish and colourful model.

The popular model under this category is as follows:

  • Casio MJ-120GST
  • Casio MK-12GST

Scientific Calculator

The scientific calculator is the most favourable type for students under Engineering and Information Technology. All the major mathematical calculations can be easily dealt with in this model. 

The functionality of the model differs from model to model. Yet, the ability to surpass all the expectations of the model is worth commenting on. Especially, not every difficult sum can be solved on a basic model, a scientific calculator comes with hefty features. 

This model today also fits the requirements of the A-level curriculum at large. Hence, the scientific calculator can make your work easier and quicker. 

The major models online of this model are as follows:

  • Casio Classwiz FX-991EX 
  • Casio FX-991ES-Plus2nd Edition 

Financial Calculator

The best financial calculator has the ability to ensure a promising ability to make students, as well as people under finance and commerce background, work better. This is a versatile calculator that can be used for a regular model.

MBA and CFP students are always the benefit of this model. For anyone doing Time Value of Money, Annuity, Cash Flow calculation are also benefited by this. The best financial calculator is perfect for Insurance advisors and Financial Analysts. 

There are high-speed calculations that can be done easily with this piece of calculator. The financial calculator online is rich in unique features and essentials that stand worthy of consideration at large. 

The financial calculator online to choose from is as follows:

  • Casio FC-200V

Portable Calculator

The portable calculator is the best model to choose for a long period of use. This comes in pocket size and can be availed of at the best rate possible online. 

Even though this model is small in size it stands big in functionality. This model is full of astounding features and essentials like a regular model. This can be found in different metallic shades. 

A long time ago, this model was extremely popular. Only a few people could not afford to own this model. Today, the worth of this model is still not forgotten. And stands as important as before. 

With this model, you can do calculations with ease anywhere and at any given time. 

The models to consider under this are as follows:

  • Casio SL-1000SC-BK
  • Casio LC-160LV-BK 

So, the next time you plan to buy a model, make sure you choose one as per your requirement. 

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