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Fashion and trend is a salient part of our life, we all desire to go along with it. When the trends change, we all get excited to try them and incorporate them into our day to day styling routine. Whether it’s about clothes or accessories, we need it every day and mood. Accessories are like glitter to fashion. Every woman knows that the outfit is incomplete without the perfect bunch of accessories. That’s why we are here with an article on how to add bling to your wardrobe with the right accessory. 

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In today’s time, jewellery isn’t only an accessory as wrist watches are also being added to the list. Nothing can be as beautiful and powerful as the stylish timepiece. Watches have a charismatic vibe, which carefully completes your overall look. Now more than telling time, watches are worn as a fashion statement and the whole globe is in love with this fashion statement. Be it, men or women, a timepiece has a special place in everyone’s heart and wardrobes. This is the reason why the watch manufacturers keep modernizing the look, and style. 

So let’s talk about some of the top brands who have been up with the latest watches for girls. 

Top 5 popular brands to buy girls watches online

  • Titan 
  • Citizen 
  • Casio 
  • Fossil 
  • Fastrack 


Titan watch is one of the most loved brands of India. It is a joint venture of the Tamil Nadu Industrial corporation and Tata group. It is the fifth largest manufacturing company in India. They have some of the classic, leather strap and golden chain watches which give the perfect rich look to the overall look. If you are a woman who’s fond of elegant and sophisticated styles, then have these girls watches online. 



One of the largest Japanese producers of watches is “Citizen”. It is amongst the leaders of technology and has crafted, unique watches such as Eco-drive. Every single piece of watch masterpiece and a perfect blend of design and technology. So add a powerful and elegant look with citizen watches. Savour your days with a bewitching timepiece and be ready to attend everyone’s attention. 


It is one of the leading and most popular brands for ages. It is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing and delivering various unique watches like electronic, digital, and some of the exquisite latest watches for girls. The brand offers innovative and creative concepts of connecting your smartphone with the wristwatch. It’s the first company to launch GPS atomic solar watches. Whether you need something sober, edgy or rich and classic, you will find everything here at Casio. You would definitely find an amalgam of designs and technology. 


By a single use you would fall in love with the amazing American brand Fossil watches. These high-end timepieces will become your best buddy. The brand offers a wide variety of styles and features. If you want sporty watches for girls online, then you can also go for Fossil smart watches. These will provide you with the smartest features like notification of your phone, track every movement, as well as you can customize the watch design also. We bet you would fall in love with sleek, sturdy and fashionable designs. 


Fastrack is the only watch brand which defines the youth of the nation, so if you are a young woman and want something cool, fast and sporty then Fastrack can be your ultimate mate. It made a remarkable mark on the younger age and generation. It’s funky and the radiating watch collection makes it a wannabe watch. It is one of the affordable brands and definitely holds a special place in every woman’s heart.

So, revamp your wardrobe with some of the trendy and popular brands. Make your everyday and occasion more stylish. So win this style game and upgrade your style mantra with these top brands. 


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