Top 5 Food Items To Try During This Navratri Vrat


Navratri is a worldwide popular festival held in Gujarat with its own forms and celebrations. Gujarat Navratri Festival directly reminds us of some sizzling words such as colourful ghagras, lively dhotis, clothes with mirror work designs, Garba, Dandiya, and Falghuni Pathak! The major reason for which Navratri is known throughout the world is because of the sizzling and fascinating celebration of Garba. The vibrant enthusiasm which is evoked inside every Indian who knows this festival closely is beyond regular expressions. Navratri which is a 9 days festival has Durga pooja every day with people gathering in large numbers and not limiting oneself despite their ideologies, caste, religion, and so on. After worshipping Durga Mata, people head over to perform Dandiya and Garba as the music plays in high volumes in the background. Navratri that takes place annually in the month of October which is usually witnessed as an enthusiastic crowd wearing ethnic attires such as women in ghagra and choli while men wearing pagri and dhotis having lively colours. This prominent cultural celebration of acoustic dance and music definitely brings in the best cultural significance India witnesses.

“Ae Halloo” – Navratri is closely associated with the culture of Gujarati’s for the prominent celebration and preparation held here. A large number of crowds also prepare themselves to take Navratri Vrat for 9 days.

The year 2020 had different plans for us. The mechanical lifestyle of humans came to a drastic halt and hence bringing a pause to the basic movements of our lives as well. Covid-19 pandemic did something which no other weather or disease could do. And today, Navratri has already begun in the last 5 days and we haven’t been able to play Garba or dandiya. But we could perform Navratri Vrat and still worship Goddess Durga sitting at our homes. It is natural, during this season of the festival to have low immunity issues due to the fast we take up. And hence, eating more healthier food items or dishes becomes necessary. So, this blog is for you all who are looking for some refreshing suggestions for food items or dishes to try at the present situation.

Apart from that, Indians have an instant craving to buy kitchen appliances during festivals which also contributes to the best memories we try to make. In the same way, if you are planning to shop some exciting kitchen appliances online and are confused about the same make sure you check out the user-friendly products manufactured by Maharaja Whiteline. Maharaja Whiteline has some best collection of kitchen appliances to look for when planning to cook or make special food items or dishes. From the very first requirement of the kitchen that is, a gas stove which is available at reasonable rates is a must check. We are also giving out the best products for each of the food items listed below to help you choose the right one.

So, let us find out the top 5 Navratri Vrat food items you could try at home at this festive season.

    Sabudana Khichdi is one of the best and common food items found on any occasion which people take vrat for. Sabudana which is way healthier and tasty makes a must – try food items. Some try their own spices and for which they grind several ingredients together. Must check the variety of mixer grinders manufactured by Maharaja Whiteline.
    Kuttu ka Dosa is an amazing food item to cook during this festive season. The crisp and fine dosa made out of buckwheat flour tastes better with the potato fillings. You could use the hand mixer blender offered by Maharaja Whiteline to smash the potatoes well. The wet grinder available at Maharaja Whiteline will surely give you some best to mix the flour.
    Aloo ki khadi is one of the lovely curries to try and cook during the festive season. Aloo khadi goes well with rice. The hand mixer blender from Maharaja Whiteline is the best choice to go for such food items.
    Who doesn’t like tasty smoothies and milkshakes on any given occasion? Try some sizzling home-made milkshakes and smoothies to cheer yourself up. Check out the best hand blender manufactured at Maharaja Whiteline to make them a smooth and soft drink for you and your family.
    Chutney is one of the important parts of any dish which requires an absolute soft grinding of ingredients. Check out the mixer grinder as well as hand mixer blender for the better and convenient making of chutneys.

These are just five of the food items or dishes we have suggested, while there are an endless number of food items and dishes to explore. Enjoy such delightful mouth-watering food items during this Navratri season for making your family hours special and cheerful. Make sure you make this unique style of celebration indoors a memorable one for you and your family.

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