Top 3 Juicer Mixer Grinders in India

Juicer Mixer Grinders are the ultimate kitchen machine. Performing a variety of tasks in the kitchen, this appliances is capable of single-handedly managing all necessary operations in the Indian kitchen including juicing, mixing, blending and grinding. There are countless brands in the market flooding it with thousands of products. So in the plethora of products of varying features and designs, how do we choose the best juicer mixer grinder for our kitchen? The answer is fairly simple, we rely on brands that have made its way to a top place when it comes to home and kitchen appliances, Maharaja Whiteline and Tefal. We have prepared a comprehensive list of their features so you can choose the best one for you!

As technology is improving, it is constantly giving birth to new machines that keep making our life simpler and reduce our personal efforts. Taking a look around us, we can find hundreds of objects like a refrigerator, fan, air conditioner, etc. that bring comfort to humanity on a daily basis and make our life easier than before. Many such appliances have made cooking a really simple task for us, and the Juicer Mixer Grinder is the king of all kitchen appliances.

Montero Full Apple Juicer

The Montero Full Apple Juicer chows down a whole apple at a time! Its premium black and brushed silver finish is a great addition to the aesthetics of your modular kitchen. Let’s have a look at its notable features:

Montero Full Apple Juicer

Brawny 550W Motor
A high-powered motor helps you juice faster, a good motor means efficient juicing and less wastage. This machine is able to everything to perfection with a power-packed 550W motor. Efficient and low noise operations are added benefits while juicing.

Large Feeder Tube
An XL-size large feeding tube allows it to devour whole apples at once without any preparation like chopping. Having a large feeder tube means less overall time for juicing. It effectively juices whole fruits in one go with its powerful mechanism.

Large Capacity Pulp Bin
Sporting a 2.5L online pulp bin, never worry about frequently emptying the bin and juice as much as you want with a high capacity pulp bin. Juice hassle-free with the Montero JMG.

Anti-Drip Spout
Spillage while juicing spoils the fun and adds extra work of cleaning up. The juicer part in this juicer mixer grinder is equipped with an anti-drip spout, that doesn’t allow the juice to drip and spill while juicing.

Attractive Warranty
This durable product becomes even more attractive owing to the warranty it carries. There is a 5-year motor warranty and a 2-year product warranty on this appliance, which makes this product an investment and value for money.

Tefal Grind Force Juice Station

Tefal Grind Force Juice Station has the best of both worlds as it has efficiently incorporated the best feature of a juicer and a mixer-grinder in a single machine. With its unique design and colour scheme, it stands out in your kitchen as a premium appliance. Its many features are discussed below:

Robust 750W Motor
A top of the line, 750W motor is at the heart of this appliance. Raw power clubbed with innovative design makes this product a popular choice for those who like power and precision in their kitchen.

Tripl’Ax Technology Blades
This juicer mixer grinder comes equipped with Tripl’Ax technology blades, a set of 6 stainless steel leaf blades that combine 3 complementary actions to give a cyclonic effect to push ingredients towards the blade, mix thoroughly and remove any chunks.

Carafe Attachment with Foam Separator
A 1.5L transparent carafe attachment lets you store and serve freshly extracted juices without trouble. The foam separator helps maintain the richness of the juices by preserving texture.

Multiple Jar Attachments
Another attractive feature of this appliance is the three jar attachments available with this product. A 1.5L Liquidizing jar, 1L dry and 0.4L wet grinding jar make the perfect trio for handling the preparation of all recipes.

Odacio 500 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Odacio 500 Juicer Mixer Grinder is a complete package in itself. Perfect for any family, this appliance can be used to perform a variety of culinary preparations and juicing. Its bright colour is sure to add colour to your kitchen. It has a long list of features, some of which are listed below:

Powerful Motor
500W powerful motor can effortlessly grind all wet and dry ingredients and easily juice fruits. Having a strong motor at the core ensures steady performance and consistent results.

30* Minutes Continuous Operation
This machine can run continuously for 30* minutes, which is enough time to prepare a large quantity of food ingredients. Long-running time also means you can fine grind a lot of ingredients and prepare delicious batters for idli, dosas, and vadas.

Super Sharp Blades
Super sharp SS 304 stainless steel blades have fantastic edge retention to slice through all ingredients for fine grinding without lumps. Reliable and high-performance blades add to the durability of the product.

2-Year Motor Warranty
A two-year warranty on the motor and product assures long-lasting function and durability. Expect nothing but consistent results and similar performance over the years with this juicer mixer grinder.

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