Time: Undeniable Source of Life

It is funny how; we think the world spins around our own little world. Overlooking every possible unexplainable aspect which revolves around us.

Time is not limited to the fancy and flashy best watches for women. While it is far beyond than an average person can perceive. 

The life which stands as a slave to time makes it impossible for us to win over it. Making time the basic source of life. Some are afraid of it. While some make the most of it. Some are privileged and entitled enough to walk at the same pace. While others stay behind. 


“Time is a concept,

Which deserves the high designation. 

A factor worth consideration,

Of possession. 

Though is it possible?


As time is a concept,

Which deserves much more than 

Humans and their obsession!”


No matter what phase of life we are into, the only aspect which we truly lack and take advantage of is none other than “TIME”. 

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Every culture and religion of this world truly aspires and considers the essence of time in various ways. Such as Yamahganta, Rahu Kaal, Kalyug, etc. The mentioned terms are highly contradicting and unique terms that declare various factors in the context of time. Good time, bad time, inauspicious time, prosperous time, and so on. 

A concept that runs deep into the veins of every culture and mankind in unique languages and methods. 


“Oh time! you left me,

With a pinch of mismatched rife. 

Beyond the sky and sea,

I owe you my life.”


An indefinite piece of recurring truth that stands beyond any crook. The lies and fallacies that will take an irresistible reverse over the period… Overtime!

Though the amusing phase is when at a certain high moment of our life, we tend to neglect the cycle of time that might thrash us down someday. A thought which doesn’t terrify unless it plays the game. 

No matter what happens in our life, people generally say that it is a matter of time when things will juggle. And so right is the phrase. 

Today, when we determine ladies watch price in accordance with the features it possesses to adorn our wrists. The fascinating aspect that gets forgotten is the minute we are wasting to spend on it in various ways. 

Time is precious a lot more than a timepiece. Though we are all into a cut-throat competition to own the most trending and popular watches across the globe. Strange and void at the same time. Right?

Now, when you think of this in such a way, our though process witnesses a wide change. Understanding the hacks and crooks of life which the ladies watch price cannot determine nor the best range of model can possess. 

The unravelling points keep us taking back to a journey of fate. And we call it destiny. While overlooking the present moment with us that can be transferred and diversified into a set of productive measures that can last a long time. 

Today, when I walk down the lane to check out the expensive and the best watches for women in the shops. The most convenient factor that doesn’t haunt me is that life stands priceless. 

Let me elaborate on it in a better way. The time comes with a price. Can you deny it? Our efforts, energy, stage of life, other environmental and social conditions are the cost we pay to regain or walk our life in a state of entitlement. 

But does life come with a price tag? At least for now, NO!

But what if it did? 

What cost would it take to give back the dreams and expectations we imbibe all our lives?

But what if I again pitch in a tale? That states,

“Oh time! I know you,

I’ve been paying my repercussions 

Through your obstacles.

To whom?

Oh! my life. I know you,

When you disguise yourself

As a source of livelihood. 

To us in the name of time!”

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