Shop the Best Mixer Grinder in India

Shop the Best Mixer Grinder in India

As Indians, we all are very accustomed to the high pitched sound of the rotating blades of a mixer grinder machine. Each time, be it a large meal to be served for the occasion, or the white coconut chutney alongside the idli for the morning breakfast, mixer grinders is the omnipresent and most basic appliances of every Indian kitchen. No matter how basics the appliance is, without a mixer grinder, we can rarely think of all those lip-smacking delicacies for our meals.

Sudden visit the in-laws? Worried about the perfect snack? What’s better than pakode served with tea! It is undeniably the most loved snacks of all Indians. But wait, no chutney or dip for the parade? Any kinds of vada or pakode have to be twinned with pudiney ki chutney or the white coconut chutney. But without the aid of the basic, simple machine, the mixer grinder, it can be one the most daunting task!

When it comes to a mixie, Indians always remember the most trusted brands of all- Maharaja Whiteline. The mixer grinder range at Maharaja Whiteline is, without doubt, the ultimate curation.

Which mixer grinder to buy?

Now, that we all understand the importance of mixer grinders, required to be installed at the kitchen counter, the next question is- which one to buy?

Of countless big names in today’s market, the hallmark for trust and guarantee is served by Maharaja Whiteline, since years. Whenever it comes to buying electronic appliances for the kitchen, the name of Maharaja Whiteline, is probably the most recurring one.

As they say- ‘electronics are gamble purchase’. But not at Maharaja Whiteline. They gives you 100% guarantee for authentic and efficient appliances, to perfectly suit your needs. Here, at they have been loyal and kept with the trust of millions of Indians, for so many years.

Indian kitchens and dishes prepared, requires heavy grinding machines. Thus, keeping in mind this point, you need carefully select the machine at the time of purchase. Most foreign brands do not ensure the efficacy of the appliance in accordance with the Indian kitchen needs. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer grinder range has it all for you. They have some of the most stunning specifications, present today in the market.

Now, that you know, which mixer grinder to buy, let’s dig deeper and unravel the parameters to look for before getting the best for us.

Ultramax Elite

Read ahead, to know the fundamentals!

Wattage: The efficiency of an appliance is highly manipulated by the power or wattage available. An optimal wattage is necessary for efficient functioning. Anywhere between 500-750W is considered to be ideal for our Indian kitchens.

Maharaja Whiteline brings you the 750-watt mixer grinder. A powerful 750-watt motor ensures the proper grinding, guaranteeing the efficiency even in heavy grinding conditions. Hence, the Maharaja Whiteline, 750-watt mixer range is the best choice for Indian kitchens.

Speed: One of the basic reasons people have resorted to machine grinding from hand grinding, is the speed of the output. The RPM factor is essentially a note of how great speed a mixer grinder would have. More the RPM value more is the speed. For a domestic mixer grinder, anything from 18000 to 23000 RPM is good enough.

Maharaja Whiteline 750-watt mixer range has 20,000 RPM. This is the optimal RPM factor for any mixer grinder, being sufficiently high enough for good speed and not excessively high to give uneven blending of spices.

Jars: Mixer grinder is used for almost every Indian dish, has to be fir for all-purpose and quantity of mixing. Thus, optimal sizes and number of jars coming along the product becomes a necessary parameter to look for. Look out for the durability of the body of the jar and the material of the lid. Make sure you lookout for the durability of the handles as well.

Maharaja Whiteline 750-watt mixer grinder range is the best mixer grinder in India! Comes with a set of 4 jars that fit most of the kitchen requirements. The body of the jar comes with food-grade quality, which ensures the safety of your food.

Blades: The heart and soul of the mixer grinder is the blade. Thus, it makes sense to look for its quality.

The best mixer grinder in India at Maharaja Whiteline comes with Mix & Grind SS 304 Blade which are super sharp blade that cuts through even hard food ingredients.

Warranty: Compare the warranty offers for the various items. Maharaja Whiteline 750-watt mixer grinder range comes with 5 years warranty on motor and 2 years on the product.

Price: There are many options in the market with varying mixer machine price. Look for all the necessary parameters and the choose the best.

The mixer machine price at Maharaja Whiteline 750-watt mixer grinder range is the most reasonable, given the stupendous features it provides.

Compare our Mixer Grinders here:

Specification Ultramax Elite Ultramax DLX Turbo Prime DLX Turbo Prime Elite
Power 750W Hybrid Motor 750W Hybrid Motor 750W Hybrid Motor 750W Hybrid Motor
Colour Black Black Black Black
Operating Time 30 mins Countinous Grinding** 30 mins Countinous Grinding** 30 mins Countinous Grinding** 30 mins Countinous Grinding**
Food Grade Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
ISI Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blades Super Sharp SS 304 Blades Super Sharp SS 304 Blades Super Sharp SS 304 Blades Super Sharp SS 304 Blades
Locking System NA NA Easy Jar Locking Easy Jar Locking
Jars 4 3 3 4
Chutney Grinding Jar 0.4L SS 0.4L SS 0.4L SS 0.4L SS
Dry Grinding Jar 1L SS 1L SS 1L SS 1L SS
Liquidizing Jar 1.5L SS 1.5L SS 1.5L SS 1.5L SS
Blending Jar 1.5L NA NA 1.5L
Speed Setting 3 speed + pulse 3 speed + pulse 3 speed + pulse 3 speed + pulse
Warranty – Motor 5 year 5 year 5 year 5 year
Warranty – Product 2 year 2 year 2 year 2 year
Motor Speed 20,000 RPM 20,000 RPM 20,000 RPM 20,000 RPM
Blender with Fruit Filter Yes No No Yes
20% Superior Cooling** Yes Yes No No
Powerful Vaccum Hold Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hands Free Operation No No Yes Yes
Unbreakable PC Lid Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unique Jar Flow Breakers Yes Yes No No
Durable Nylon 66 Coupler Yes Yes Yes Yes

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