Improved Safety During Covid-19 old age home Delhi

Corona Virus has become one of the major pandemics the world has ever witnessed. This disease has even weakened the superpower countries in an instant. The healthcare sector is moved with the proliferating numbers of cases and is worried about the treatment as an antidote against it has still not developed. In such cases, taking good care for senior citizens has become a major concern as their immunity level is too low. If this epidemic will affect one person, it will easily spread to others coming in the contact with the diseased. Hence, it is important to take smart steps to stop the spread of the same. Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is a hub of numerous elderlies who are more prone to this disease and hence, the staff of the old age home Delhi is guided to take higher precautions in terms of cleanliness and safety.

old age home Delhi


Lockdown is followed all over the country and only the essential service workers are allowed to go out of their homes. The nurses, doctors and workers in the hospitals and senior citizen home are allowed to leave their homes. However, the safety is increased inside the old age home and no one other than the workers is allowed to make the visit inside the building during this time. Additionally, the workers coming inside the home are asked to sanitize themselves to stop the spread of the Corona Virus and at least, safeguard the building against it. These steps are mandatory to upraise the protection level and let the lockdown be a successful plan.

Frequent Sanitization

People touch here and there with an unconscious mind. One might never know what item is the breeding ground for the germs and Corona. It spreads through the touch and hence, it is suggested to clean the hands as many times as possible. The 20 seconds washing rule is followed by the workers, nurses, doctors, as well as old age people in the Senior citizen homes. This practice is done to ensure that the germs are killed instantly and do not spread from one person to another, causing major havoc.

24*7 Care

The lockdown is a very hard time for everyone, but it is worse for the ones who are not able to move their body with their will. The old people inside the senior citizen at homes are suffering a lot, already. Leaving them alone by themselves in such a situation is the worst form of cruelty. The workers at the Vardaan Senior Citizen, old age home Delhi, Centre are putting the lives of the elderly staying in the centres ahead of their own. They are offering the necessary care to the patients at all times and following their shifts rotationally to become a major source of help in the times of need.

Social Distancing Inside

The concept of social distancing is new to India as it is the country which likes to express their feelings with hugs and handshakes. The human touch is advised to be minimised for the protection purpose of the citizens and the same concept is followed inside the old age home. The elderlies are placed in a wide distance from one another. The risks are minimised of the disease and if any such thing is reported, the mandatory arrangements are made as to how to put the individual under a quarantine situation for the betterment of the masses. These practices ensure a higher standard of safety and security towards everyone and reduce the risk of its development.

Medical Assistance

There is no vaccine against the disease, but the doctors are suggesting some medicines that can act as a barrier stopping the virus from entering the human body. The doctors and nurses are offering these medicines to the elders, whenever deemed required. These elders are already put on medicines and it is necessary not to break the continuation of their medicines and not mix one medicine with another. These aged people are too old to understand all this and hence need proper medical support. The staff of Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is following the same while maintaining the right social distance.

The above points prove the seriousness of the matter and also show how the staff of Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is acting with wit and senses in such a terrible situation when the world is panicking. The professionalism of this old age home makes it better than others. They follow a routine cleanliness process and checks the health of the people staying inside. Each and every service is provided to the elderlies with respect, love and care. Our endeavour is to make them feel home and safe with us. If you wish to gain more information, connect with us over a call.

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