Old age homes- The abode for the trembling hands of our society

Senior citizens are just like the flickering light of the candle. Despite being unstable, once it is gone, darkness surmounts us. Senior citizens are like the pillar of a stable society. Without the experience and knowledge levied by them to us, we don’t have a long way to go! 

There is a rapid growth of aging people in our country, India, today. There are studies conducted on the stratification of the total population in the whole of Asia. The results, indeed a ring, a bell for a more compassionate outlook that we need to develop for the senior citizens. “Asia could become the oldest region in the world.”

Senior citizens

The whole world has remarkably shifted towards smaller house setups. Not only in terms of members in a family but the sizes of the house as well. This has a much vehement picture in our country, India. As we are moving towards nuclear families, and due to the increasing population and diminishing space, the houses have constricted in size as well. It is not only confined to nuclear families and small household spaces; another instrumental change is the high cost of living.IN big metropolitans like Delhi and Mumbai, to afford a standard house of even 1 BHK, the rent to be paid is sky high. This has not only, in turn, led to enormous hardships in working and making the ends meet, it has a outstretch effect on the members of the family. To settle a family of a minimum of 4 members, and all other basic necessities, it at times takes years for the bread-winner to buy a suitable house. Even if they could hardly manage to buy one, it is a way to fit in 3-4 members in a suitable way. 

All this has an impending effect on the weakest and sensitive section, the senior citizens. Old age is such a time when neither your body nor your mind has any more capability to allow you to do the basics of daily life activities on your own. This age can be such, which leads you to not even move until the washroom for doing your basic activities for a day. 

Say it harsh or demeaning, it is true that we all will have to face this and go through this same period, in our lives! Even being such an inevitable truth of life, we often miss out to realize and accept it. The result of this is we keep a neglecting attitude towards the senior citizens. Senior Citizens’ population, after having lived an active life in their prime years, need personalized care and a life of dignity in their sunset years. This is the time when they need us the most! Be it our parents or grandparents, they have taken the utmost pain and care for the proper upbringing of us. But in return, we have very little to offer them. Keeping apart the familial ties, it is also inhumane to see the extent of negligence of old people in today’s world. They need specialized care. Not only in terms of physical but mentally as well. A proper and healthy mental health needs to be ensured for the senior citizens. It is the least we can do for the years of nurture they provided us with!

There are old age homes in South Delhi, which exhibits not only compassionate but professionally curated care for them. At times, the living conditions compel the families to not be able to take proper care for the adults. Something that should always be thought of, is the well-being of them. One could easily search for “senior citizen homes near me” and carefully look into the facilities and care provided by them. Then, they can entrust their loved ones at their hands. 

Today, there are many such senior citizen homes that can be relied upon to entrust the senior citizens to. They need proper medical care, continuously. For modestly earning families, rather than entirely neglecting the older members, they can place them at a good old age home. The negligence that the senior citizens face, is not what they deserve after so many years spending years on our well-being. A good old age home could prove to be a heavenly abode for their last days! 

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