Looking for the Dry Iron for Crease Free Clothes

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In today’s corporate world and even in functions and gatherings, the appearance of a person has utmost importance. It is said that your first impression is the last.

One of the factors that improve your impression is neat, clean, crease-free and pressed clothes. Properly pressed clothes can keep you fresh and presentable all day. Though the ironing of clothes is quite a tough job it can be made easy and simple with a modern clothes iron by Maharaja Whiteline.

The modern, lightweight, ergonomically designed best iron online shopping in India can really make ironing Hasslefree, fast and easy. Therefore, every home must buy an iron press online.

Crisp and wrinkle-free clothes add more to your faith and personality. They elevate your appearance and make you look clean and competent. So, clothes iron is what you would have at home to iron your clothes whenever you want. Maharaja Whiteline iron price in India is very affordable, handy and strong to wear crisp iron clothes off your morning blues.

Blossom Saffron Dry Iron

Maharaja Whiteline Blossom Saffron iron 1000-watt dry iron comes with adjustable thermostat choose the right temperature according to the fabric of cloth you need to iron with help of the adjustable thermostat that lets you control the temperature of the iron. When you need to iron clothes made of cotton, you can increase the temperature, while clothes made of nylon or rayon require very low temperature. Hence, adjust the temperature according to the fabric and protect your clothes from burning.

Easio Dry Iron

Maharaja Whiteline Easio Dry Iron is a compact iron for all your domestic ironing needs. It comes with a swivel cord to allow free movement without tugging. A non-stick soleplate maintains the quality of your garments while ironing.

Classico Plancha Dry Iron

Maharaja Whiteline Classico Plancha heavy weight dry iron is a 1.8 kg heavy dry iron which is high performance, saves your effort and gives you great results. 1200 watt enables faster heating and uniform heat distribution. American heritage gold plated non-stick coating for easy gliding on all fabrics.

Maharaja Whiteline Dry Iron is designed to offer a wrinkle-free ironing experience. Our electric clothes iron comes with low maintenance, powerful functioning and easy-grip features for convenient ironing. Our heavyweight iron comes with 1000W and adjustable temperature control that helps to flatten out even the most creased outfits within a few seconds. Buy iron press online at the best price which is lightweight and durable.

We have a wide variety of iron press online that feature non-stick coating plates that do not let your fabrics stick. Our electronic dry iron is easy to use and can transform your crumpled clothes effortlessly. Well-ironed clothes are all you need to make a long-lasting impression. Our ironing machine is comfortable to handle, safe and can be set at the desired temperature that gives you a laundry-like finish with minimal effort. Do iron online shopping now for affordable prices.

Keeping clothes irons at home proves to be handy as you can get rid of the wrinkles on clothes over the blink of an eye. They are also very cost-effective as compared to daily laundry, easily operated, lightweight and inexpensive.

Well as compared to steam irons, dry irons are very easy to use as they are designed for quick and basic ironing. They are also very portable, and you can carry it for your travel purposes as well. Maharaja Whiteline offers iron prices online at economical rates.

But before you go on a purchase, we would like you to keep these things in mind:

Wattage or Power of Iron

You will not have to spend hours waiting for the iron to turn hot as it will turn hot as quickly as the button is switched on. In general, terms, if the wattage is higher, iron will get hot quickly. For a dry iron, around 1000 to 2000 Watts can be preferred.

Soleplate type

Broadly, there are four types of soleplate used- aluminium, non-stick, stainless steel and ceramic. Choosing non-stick and ceramic coated dry irons can be a better option.

Heat settings

Heat settings are the configuration from which you can choose a different setting for different kinds of clothes. Suppose you want to iron a silk cloth then you can simply choose on the silk setting and likewise for other cloth materials.

Auto Shut-off

It is managed by the thermostat where the iron automatically switches off.

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