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Calculators are one of those tools and equipment which is been used by almost everyone for doing simpler arithmetic operations. People use calculators for doing complex mathematical operations more precisely and without any chance of mistake. One it’s more complex and upgraded type is a scientific calculator. These calculators are mainly used to solve problems in engineering, science, mathematics and physics. Casio is one of those gems in the industry who works in multiple different fields to serve people of having a different field of interest, wants, jobs, and passion. It is the leading manufacturer of one of the best scientific calculator in the market.

Casio is known for its variety and quality of tools and equipment they deliver all over the globe. These calculators are like must-haves for any student or person studying physics, maths etc. It plays a vital role in their studies as it has some special characteristics and isn’t like a basic one. They make complex and deep operations much easier by their various features and wider options.

Scientific calculator online use is quite increased among these days as people who are passionate about these subjects and tend to research and study are at a large scale. All over the globe, people pursuing engineering in any particular field is more every year. So, to make their job easier, this brand is up with the portable and functional Casio scientific calculator FX 991ms.

How they are in more functional use?

The usage of scientific calculator is greatly seen in various aspects and situations or conditions. It takes time to look for characteristics and understand the logarithmic plot, which can be easily reached some tough mathematical functions like trigonometric functions and much more. They are needed for problems in chemistry, physics and even in astronomy with very large numbers.

It’s not like one tool; instead, scientific calculators have a variety of its own. You can find all of them at the Casio online store. Here some of the popular models, the category is as follows:

  • Non-programmable: Casio scientific calculator FX 991ms is a non-programmable tool with about 401 functions. It has two line displays. This calculator can solve statistical, differentiation, trigonometrically, regression, matrix-vector and many other operations.
Key Features Description
High- resolution LCD It has a clear cut and edgy display, which helps in ease of reading. Some of them also come with a dot matrix display.
Solar + battery The best feature about it is that it works on both batteries and solar power.
Natural textbook display It feels like you are reading from a normal copy or textbook as it is very convenient to use.
Digits 10 + 2 digits
Design Its sleek design and curved edges make it more compact and give ease in carrying it anywhere.
Constants It has 40 scientific constants, which gives you more scope to do your operations quickly.
Key notations The key notations can be understood easily. It works and does the operations very fast and gives immediate solutions at that moment itself. They are also engineered in such a way that it doesn’t let any keypress while you are doing your operation.
Intuitive icon display It means the icons are displayed and designed in such a way that they can be easily identified, and gives better user experience.
Speed of calculation It works and does the operations very fast and gives immediate results at that moment itself.
English display It displays unabbreviated English. It means there is no short forms are used, which reduces confusion.
Case It comes with a slide-on hard-core case. It keeps your calculator safe and prevents any damage due to any fall or brokerage.
Interactive The calculators are being designed in such a way that they seem like interactive and very user friendly. It makes it less complicated.
Weight All the models of calculators weigh very light and yet very much portable.
  • Programmable: The basic difference between programmable and non-programmable calculator is that there are not much function buttons on the non-programmable calculator. Another noticeable difference is that non-programmable calculators don’t have matrix and vector functions on its display.
    Programmable calculators come up with more advance features. Other than both are work with the same speed and ease. It is all on your need and requirement that which would be a perfect fit according to your job. The most prominent example of this is Casio FX-5800P scientific calculator.
  • Graphical: Casio graphical calculators are like a mini mathematical computer. It is capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous arithmetic equations, and performing other necessary tasks with variables.

    Its key features are:

    • 3D graphs
    • Coloured display
    • Suitable for AP, SAT, SAT subject, PSAT, ACT and IB examinations
    • Icon menu-Run matrix, statistics, spreadsheet, graph, Dyna graph, program and much more
    • Dot-matrix display
    • Data communication with a personal computer

So, hurry up take a visit to the online store of Casio which is full of various types of scientific calculators for your needs. Get your best fit and make your job quicker and easier.

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