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Today, in the 21st century, there is nothing impossible. And so is the case with keeping your loved ones bonded with you even after they have left from the physical presence. The loneliness your mind encounters once your loved ones depart is unbearable. Every minute you long for those tiny things they left behind, for instance, their favorite chair, their favorite piece of clothes, their diaries or journals, and so on. But what if we tell you that you could restore a pinch of the body ash of your loved one which you could keep it for a lifetime? Won’t that be a crazy deal? Don’t think that we are fooling you in any way.

We, at Southern Stamped Jewelry Co., have an astounding collection of ash jewelry that will help you treasure the memorable people in your life while keeping them close to your heart. There is even a possibility to order a customized set of jewelry from here. We, at Southern Stamped Jewelry Co., keeps up with all your needs and requirements and do not leave you with disappointments in any way. We understand the pain while selecting the perfect memorial keepsake. And that’s why we are here to help you. We have an absolute collection of urn ashes jewelry to choose from pertaining to your demands. Such as hunting urns, sports urns, and fishing urns. We leave no stones unturned for making the perfect ashes jewelry you desire. There is an abundance of collections to get a personalized version for yourself here. Yet let us glance through some popular ones for you to get the right idea and choose the accurate one.

Some of the popular ashes jewelry we provide are as follows:

  • Charms.
  • Keychains.
  • Memorial jewelry.
  • Necklaces.

and so on. Find out more products on our official website.

Among these sections of products, a necklace with ashes inside are the popular one. The tremendous joy we witness or hear from our satisfied customers or clients are beyond expressions we could ever put to words. We give close and intact attention to each and every product we create to keep up with our customer’s or client’s expectations. A few of the designs you could opt from the section of our necklace with ashes inside are listed down here.


Gold plated bullet shaped urn is loved by all of our customers. The hypoallergenic stainless steel makes it reliable and comfortable to use for every individual. There is an option to choose the color you desire instead of adjusting to the prescribed one. Chain type is made in such a way to fit your expectations.


Lord’s prayer bullet urn has a very different design which will surely leave you spellbound. The quality and structure are elegant and classic at the same time. Lord’s prayer bullet urn comes at affordable rates.


Red heart-shaped ashes holder has a profound space and elegance in its form. This design not only is the best choice as a keepsake gift but also contributes to the polished royalty it holds. It comes in other several colors.


Pets ashes holder pendant is the best option to use it as a memorial keepsake for your loving pets. The pendant size is 20 mm and its weight is 16 g making it one reliable piece of necklace with ashes inside.

These are just a handful of suggestions from us. To find a detailed list follow up with our website.

We, at Southern Stamped Jewelry Co., have some best service qualities. They are as follows:

  • Best customer – friendly service.
  • Free and fast delivery service.
  • Lifetime warranty for each and every product.
  • Quality guaranteed
  • There are shipping and return policies with terms and conditions applied.
  • We have copyright, trademark, and intellectual property protection.
  • Sometimes there are hand-stamped jewelry discounts available.
  • Grand collection to choose from.
  • Guide available for better understanding of cremation jewelry. (How to fill cremation jewelry)
  • For more details feel free to contact us. Southern Stamped Jewelry Co. is always ready and happy to help you.

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