Abortion is a procedure undertaken for terminating the pregnancy due to complications or as per the demand of the patient. 

Abortion is a topic that is surrounded by numerous myths and fears still in the remote areas of the world. And when it comes to the country of India, abortion is a legal matter which is still looked at through the eyes of prejudices and stereotypes. 

Things take time to change and we cannot deny the progress of our society as well. To get better exposure, let us look at some intricate facts of abortion in India apart from the cost of abortion in Delhi

Abortion is performed after a thorough clinical examination. This also includes checking the past records of health history. It also includes routine blood investigations. The ultrasound pelvis is conducted to assess the maturity of the pregnancy as well as to rule out a tubal pregnancy. 

There are two major types of abortion. They are as follows:

The method of medicinal termination is only performed for the pregnancy maturity of 6 weeks. It is one of the safest methods which is a non-surgical method. This mode is performed by using medicines. Though it is a strict fact to take the medicines under the strict supervision of a professional medical practitioner. 

  • Surgical termination/abortion

Surgical termination is also a safe mode of abortion if performed by legally acclaimed medical practitioners. This mode of termination is done using vacuum suction. In comparison to medicinal abortion, this way of termination is considered to be the safer one with less complications. The next requirement of this method of abortion is to perform under a well-equipped operation theatre. The types of equipment used are sterile equipment, disposable syringes needles, and cannula. The procedure is undertaken either in local or general anesthesia under the guidance of ultrasound. This method just takes 15 mins to cease. The patient is asked to stay back in the hospital for the next two to three hours for the complete recovery of anesthesia. 

After the procedure, oral medication is given to take in for a few consecutive days. The most basic post issues seen are vomiting, nausea because of anesthesia. Another common thing seen is menstrual cramps, Light or heavy bleeding spots are also noted post-surgery.

Apart from the cost of surgical abortion in Delhi, which varies from hospital to hospital, you will find every other aspect of abortion here. Now, that you have read so far, let us explore the post-procedure which needs attention from the medical practitioners right away and is not normal. 

If you find heavy bleeding with clots, it mandatorily requires professional attention and guidance. It is again a crucial factor if you have pain or discomfort that is not relieved by the medicines. If you have a mild or high fever you need to consult the doctor as well because the reasons could be serious. Such as infection, wrong medicine, and so on. 

If you also encounter a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, it is high time you book an appointment with the doctor. If you feel like vomiting for more than 4 to 6 hours is also an issue of concern. 

The best abortion institution in Delhi will also ensure to give out the best post-abortion counselling for the patients concerned. The counselling includes facts that need to be avoided after the abortion. A few of them are as follows:

  • No sexual contact. (Generally, 15 days is noted. Though follow the doctor’s word)
  • It is necessary to avoid using tampons.
  • After the abortion, ovulation usually resumes quickly and thus can lead to another pregnancy. Thus, using oral contraceptives should be after consulting a legal doctor.

The need to have the right form of care and attention post-abortion is required for the health. The best abortion medical institution will ensure a wide range of other services under pregnancy as well. 

The cost of abortion in Delhi changes as per the medical institution you choose. Private medical hospitals will have expensive rates as compared to public hospitals. 

Other hospitals under trustees prefer to offer medical ailments at inexpensive rates. And thus, there could be a huge difference in the cost of surgical abortion in Delhi here.

These places will also have other facilities for women to avail of the treatment. Such as

  • Surgical services
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Maternity and child care
  • Infertility treatment

And so on. 

To know or learn more about abortion services, contact the nearest hospital feasible.

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