Confused About Breast Surgeon In Delhi NCR?

In today’s time, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed disease in women. Most of the patients or caregivers considered cancer treatment of diagnosis as a death sentence because it’s quite invasive or we can say life-threatening. However, with constant advances in science, technology and cancer treatment has evolved which made it curable if detected at an amenable stage.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Delhi

With proper advice from a good consultant or breast cancer surgeon in Delhi, results in better treatment and diagnosis. A correct diagnosis is quite necessary for proper and reliable treatment planning, especially for a disease like cancer. With constant advances and introduction sometimes even doctors are not aware of all the new ear medications or ways which are available for cancer treatment. There is one hospital that stays up to date and has some of the best breast surgeons in Delhi NCR-Ck Birla Hospital for women.

We know that consultation by a super-specialist cancer doctor becomes critical. So now we will let you know how at the CK Birla Hospital for women starts helping you with your breast cancer treatment-

  • They offer you best-in-class cancer consulting sessions.
  • Will advise you with the best possible treatment ways.

It is considered among the top leading hospitals offering breast cancer treatment and has been delivering the best and industry therapies and ways for curing cancer for the past few years. With its proven medical history, it is considered one of the gems in the medical sector as its contribution to hospitality for society is commendable and appreciable.

Due to its invasive nature anyone who’s been diagnosed with this disease then his or her topmost priority is to get reliable medical help and to this CK Birla Hospital could be your trustworthy solution in your tough times.
The team of expert and professional breast cancer surgeon in Delhi will definitely make you feel more at peace during the treatment.

Cancer treatments they offer

Basically, every treatment for therapy that you would undergo will depend on the type of cancer and at what stage you are. Whether the cancer tumor has spread outside or to the rest of the body parts and in accordance with this you will be treated by their expert breast surgeon in Delhi NCR.
The treatment options that you would be offered for the cancerous tumour are as follows:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgical treatment
  • Endocrine / anti-hormone therapies

The good doctor and specialist that you will get to introduce there will be Dr Rohan who also has a specialisation in breast conservation surgeries. Hence, commence your cancer diagnosis with a leading breast cancer surgeon in Delhi through well-proven methods.

  • Chemotherapy
  • Teletherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgery which involves mammaplasty, lumpectomy, tissue expansion, lymph node dissection and mastectomy.


Another amazing thing about the CK Birla Hospital is that they deliver the best treatments in a well equipped medical environment and high-tech facilities. They have higher and infrastructure to deliver well-defined services to help you to perceive a healthy life in the near future. You need not worry as you will find treatments for all types and stages of breast cancer tumour.

  • Breast tumours
  • Breast cancer in men
  • Breast cancer during pregnancy
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Cancer in young girls or teenage

Their cancer specialists are extremely knowledgeable and experts in their own field, providing reliable services for all types of ailments related to the breast for both men and women. Every procedure is done under the expert guidance of senior specialized doctors.

Dr Rohan is an expert treating tumours in the breast with utmost precision. So get your treatment and make your life the same as before.

Their experts are also internationally recognised for their research work and ability in identifying all types of breast tumours. Whether you are here for a consultation session or breast cancer testing like a screening, routine mammogram, their ultimate goal will be to provide the best medical care services you will ever have. Before all these reasons will make your decision better and confusion end.



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