Casio’s Premium Range Of Wrist Watch

Founded in 1946, the Casio Computer Company is a world-renowned manufacturer of pristine digital watches, calculators and electronic musical instruments. Casio is one of the first companies to start manufacturing both digital and analogue quartz watches. Casio watches have always been highly regarded by horologists all over the world. A wrist watch from Casio is easily identified by watch connoisseurs all over the globe due to its unwavering standard of watchmaking and excellent craftsmanship.

Wrist Watch

When it comes to men’s watches, Casio has provided all that a man can demand from a wristwatch. Its extensive assortment of timepieces range from luxury chronographs to high performance watches for extreme conditions. The G-Shock range of men’s wrist watches from Casio boasts of a collection of watches built to thrive in extreme weather and outlast serious wear and tear. They are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, mud and dust resistant, have a shockproof body and have a multitude of features to favour almost all adventure sports. 

For those wanting a luxury wristwatch, the Enticer collection of watches by Casio has it all. With high-quality authentic leather straps and extreme detailing, this range of watches is for those who want to showcase class and garner respect. The Enticer series is crafted to perfection for a modern, luxurious look. This range is extremely popular in both men and women.

Ladies Watch from Casio

Sheen collection of ladies watches is Casio’s endeavour to furnish women with state of the art fashionable timepieces. They are a perfect combination of fashion and excellence in watchmaking. With Swarovski crystals and gold ion-plated bezels, these watches are an incarnation of the unity of style and technology. 

Ladies Watch

Edifice series from Casio includes sporty watches built for the thrill-seekers. These multi-function watches are an epitome of technology in watchmaking. Intricately designed watch faces and fusion of luxury and sportiness makes these watches an expression of youth and courage. Edifice collection has men’s watches have both analogue and digital display, stopwatch function, battery level indicator and are water-resistant.  


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