Casio Watches for all your needs

Casio G- Shock is a highly recognized brand that is over 30 years old, and its watches are extremely durable, functional, and affordable. It appeals to a broad spectrum of people. For some people, it’s a useful tool or a fashion accessory, and for many, it’s both.

G-Shock watches are not only rugged, but they are also very accurate and stuffed with advanced features. Their popularity among the military, firefighters, paramedics, astronauts, army personnel, mountaineers, air force pilots is a testament to their toughness, functionality, and reliability.

G-Shock men’s and ladies watches brings out an altogether different image of luxury tough watches. These watches are not just aesthetically appealing but also have the ruggedness and toughness intact in them.

Casio has all types of watches – chronographs, digital watches, shock-proof watches, etc. Their popular watch series are Enticer, Edifice, G-Shock, Sheen to name a few.

  • G-Shock Baby-G BG6901-7 White and Gold-Tone

Baby G BG6901-7 is a blast from the past – the influence of smaller digital G-Shocks from the ‘90s and ’00s that Casio took inspiration from when designing this model, is clearly visible. Modest in size, the watch comes in a full-white case and a golden old-school LCD face.

The most unique thing about BG6901-7 is that it takes the retro design and combines it with modern features. The watch comes with 29-city world time and has up to 2 multi-function alarms – both features that you wouldn’t find on older G-Shock models. As a Baby-G, the watch shares the shockproof design of a G-Shock and is water-resistant for up to 200m.

  •  G-Shock G9300-1 Mudman Black (Twin Sensor)

G- Shock G9300-1 is the latest version of the Twin Sensor Mudman, equipped with compass and thermometer. Mudman is the most affordable compass G-Shock on the market. Other features of the watch include hands-free backlight, solar power, world time (48 cities), 5 alarms, and extra-tough mud resistant construction which also gives the watch its name. This G-Shock comes with solar, compass, thermometer, tide & moon graph, most affordable G-Shock with a compass.

  • G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman Green

G- Shock GW- 9400 Rangeman is what Casio calls the “survival” watch. Out of all the high-end G-Shock watches, this model is the most popular one. This is a watch that has it all – tough solar, multi-band 6 radio time-sync, Triple Sensor, sunrise/sunset data, 40 memory slots for compass/altimeter/thermometer readings. No other G-Shock model comes close to Rangeman’s features at this price point. GW-9400 Rangeman is one of the most reliable G-Shocks ever made and popular among the military, police, and outdoorsmen.

G- Shock GA- 110RG- 7ACR White with Rose Gold Accents comes in an oversized 51mm case and is one of the most popular G-Shock models on the market. The design uses shiny metal markers on the dial and the hands of the watch. The metal elements along with the 3D layout of the face give this analogue-digital beast an industrial feel. The watch comes in a full-white case with golden accents covering the blackened dial. The combination of black, white and gold is unique and makes this watch stand out from the rest. While the case is large, this model wears comfortably on most wrists. As for the features, the 48-city world time and a dual time display make GA110 a great travelling companion.


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