Casio Keyboards- Best Choice for Beginners

2020 has seen thousands of people taking up a new instrument as they find themselves at home with more time to kill. For those drawn to the world of keys, there is a wealth of online lessons available for aspiring keyboardists to get stuck into.

Casio Keyboard for beginner

 If you or your children are considering learning to play, there’s a huge choice when it comes to picking a suitable keyboard – so much so that knowing how to spend your budget can easily get confusing. With that in mind, there are some key points which you must keep in mind before buying a keyboard for learning. 


  • Number of keys you want

Keyboards come in many sizes, consisting of 49 keys,61 keys, or 76 keys. When starting out, it’s best to go for something that can accommodate two-handed playing straight away, and for this, you’ll need at least 49 keys or four octaves.

  • Number of sounds

The number of sounds that your keyboard should have comes down to what you want to use it for – you don’t necessarily need hundreds of sounds if your main interest is simply learning a keyboard. 

If you’re buying a keyboard for kids to learn to play their favourite songs on, a wide variety of tones is arguably more likely to keep them interested in the long term, plus make the keyboard more entertaining for when they’re playing it outside of lesson time.

  • Sound quality

When you’re starting out, your first keyboard probably isn’t going to sound as good as the ones the professionals use – after all, you wouldn’t shell out hundreds on a top-end keyboard if you’re not 100 per cent sure whether you or your budding keyboardist will pursue it as a dream. 

 Keyboards for beginners and kids can often skimp on sound quality, promising hundreds of tones that are all really just endless variations of one or two basic sounds. Our advice would be to go for keyboards with fewer, better quality tones. This will help you to achieve a better sound right from the start, inspiring the confidence to help you progress with your lessons.


Casio Keyboard for Beginners is an appropriate choice for the one who is a fresher in learning a keyboard. Casio offers a vast variety of keyboards for beginners. There is a large section of subcategories of keyboards to choose from.

Casio Keyboard for beginners are extremely light and therefore transportable and can be used anywhere. There is a substantial variety of sound, as well as countless effects. Colour LCD displays and keyboard expression pads make using it especially comfortable. The various sounds and programs can be easily switched on via key combinations and controllers on a well-structured surface.

Casio has a solid pedigree when it comes to portable keyboards, and their current line-up doesn’t disappoint. The Casio SA 77 is one of a great selection from the mini keyboard series which is a portable option and specially designed for kids. SA 77 is a choice that is perfect for toddlers and beginners. It’s an extremely light-weight, and portable option that comes with a low price tag. This mini keyboard consists of 44 keys and 100 different tones that are extremely easy for your child to navigate through. In some keyboards, it is difficult for children to navigate through all the sounds but this isn’t the problem with the SA 77 model. Casio used a super simple LCD screen that has increased in size which makes it super easy for children to navigate through. It comes with a number of features like a headphone jack, AC adapter/ 6AA batteries with 5 drum pads and 10 different songs stuffed into it.

While Casio caters particularly to advanced and creative professional musicians with its high-grade and arranger keyboards, the standard and illuminated keys keyboards are better suited for beginners and advanced. CASIO light display keyboards have a visual learning system, that is based on the latest findings in music pedagogy. Modern practice systems like Step-Up Lesson and Lesson Lite or functions like Music Challenge will motivate the learner to practise and play.

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