The subject of mathematics is the only subject where the actual love-hate relationship of the students can be found. The greatest people ever known are none other than mathematicians. Though the level of solving equations of theirs can be matched by the present students easily with the advanced models of calculators. The subject that requires the exact numbers and calculations is the toughest area to excel. Hence, a regular practice with the best calculator is mandatory. Today, there is a wide range of calculators available in the market. Yet, not every mathematical operation can be done and attained on the basic calculators. Time being the precious resource of any examinations it is indeed necessary to have one which can operate on a quick basis as well. Thus, scientific calculators were introduced. The scientific calculator is one of the most required essential for the students due to the numerous functionalities it performs.

The online scientific calculator is bought and used largely by the students in the field of engineering and information technology (college and university level). Casio has manufactured calculators in such a way to assist students to solve all the tedious complex maths problems. The non-programmable calculators are favoured by the engineering students largely due to the commendable factors it comprises of. Even the majority of the teachers or professors in India of the above-mentioned field recommend this. 

The Casio successfully launched numerous calculators that were suitable for different kinds of people. And hence there is a diverse range of categories to choose from. The most famous scientific calculator manufactured by Casio under the section of non-programmable calculators is namely Classwiz. There are innumerable features that make this set unique and stand out. 

The model of Classwiz FX-991 EX Scientific Calculator has 4 times higher resolution to get a better viewing. Even the long expressions mentioned is visible with the utmost clarity due to the high-resolution LCD screen. It successfully portrays a textbook display as well. The natural and classic interface makes the input faster and easier. 

The attractive element of the online scientific calculator available is the metallic keys. This makes the key notations easier to understand and recognize. The stylish look of the metallic keys makes it impart a sense of luxury as well. The special process surface is designed in an elegant texture which is loved by the regular users and buyers of Casio Classwiz FX-991 EX. 

The 552 functional keys give space to solve all types of engineering maths problems. Other important characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • Solar + Battery making it dual power
  • QR code generation for user manual
  • Intuitive icon displays for clarity
  • Unabbreviated English display for better understanding
  • Visualization with graphs to learn better
  • Interactive format due to advanced technologies
  • High-speed calculations to save your time
  • Advanced Polynomial and Matrix
  • New slide-on hard case
  • Classic colour
  • Convenient to use

The significant fact that Casio guarantees on this product are Japanese Trusted Quality in which several certifications come to the picture. The ISO 14001 and RoHS compliant certifications prove the eco-friendly nature of the product. The 3 years warranty of the Casio product in India is also beneficial for the user. 

Apart from the Classwiz FX-991 EX, there are several other models to choose from. The Casio online scientific calculator is a highly durable and 100% original product. The reasonable and affordable nature of these calculators makes it worthy of consideration. 

The requirement to select the perfect calculator is an important task due to venture out as universities usually let only certain models of calculators to the examinations as well. The model mentioned above is by default the acceptable piece in certain states and universities. Extensive research would help you with that information as well. 

A few of the other models of scientific calculators proffered by Casio are listed below for your reference. They are as follows:

  • Casio FX-991 ES Plus
  • Casio FX-991- MS-2nd Edition 
  • Casio FX-82-MS-2nd Edition
  • FX CG50 Casio

The fact to note is these models are of different types. Such as programmable, non-programmable, and graphics. Thus, each model will have its features and factors that constitutes its essence. 

To explore more about the Casio calculators, visit the official page and discover more. 

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