Bring Home the Best Electric Water Heater from Maharaja Whiteline

Bring Home the Best Electric Water Heater from Maharaja Whiteline

An electric water heater is a necessity, especially in winters. No one can deny this! We all like the idea of taking a shower, right in the morning, and have a fresh start to the day. But the idea of dripping in the sharp, cold water in the very morning, runs chills down the spine. The matter becomes worse in the winter mornings. There would possibly be no one who would resist from the relaxing warm splash of water, or a warm water shower, or that soothing essential oils beauty bath after a hectic day at work. Just think about it; you return from a long day at work and think of spilling out the stress as you embrace yourself with the warm water shower. Wait, what about the warm water? Are you going to boil it over your gas top? Killed the spark, right?

Get yourself the warm touch of Maharaja Whiteline electric water heater

For that relaxing and soothing bath that you always wanted, can be yours, just at your fingertips! Get Maharaja Whiteline electric water heater installed, switch it on- here it is! Your perfect warm water for that perfect relaxing bath. With the help of an electric water heater, you can enjoy a hot bath every day no matter what the weather is.

As the market is flooded with big names, it can be quite a daunting task to select the best electric water heater for yourself. When it comes to electronic gadgets for your home, Maharaja Whiteline is the only name.

Look through the specifications. Analyze it according to your choice and choose the best at the reasonable geyser price.

Which is the best for you?

Look for the specifications viable for you. If you are a single individual or a small family, go for the optimal size to make sure you do not unnecessarily have to bear hefty electricity bills. Maharaja Whiteline has a range of 10L-25L electric water heater capacity, to essentially suit your needs, that too at the best geyser price.

Which type of electric water heater are you choosing?

Yet, again, choose the type according to your needs and preferences. Here at Maharaja Whiteline, the electric water heaters are endowed with the most prominent and highly recommended type of Smart Water Inlet Diffuser.

Is it energy efficient?

There has been a narrative amongst people for quite a long time, that installing water heaters could exert a burden on your electricity consumption. It is not true when you choose Maharaja Whiteline. Maharaja Whiteline electric water heater consumes less energy and gives you unlimited hot water in less than 2 minutes. The electric water heater is durable and lowers down your electricity bills.

Good enough for the décor?

Most companies do not give you prominent options for the design to choose from. Why compromise on the design, when you have the best at Maharaja Whiteline? The electric water heater at Maharaja Whiteline comes with elegant design and structure to fit your bathroom space with an ultimate sleek finish.

Look for the tank coating

Iron rusts in moist and humid environments. Most metals deteriorated over time when being exposed to water and heat intensely. So, a good electric water heater is one such which has a better tank. Maharaja Whiteline electric water heater range comes with Glass-lined Tank Coating which gives efficient durability and better performance each time you use it.

Better safe than sorry!

Though, usually, there are no impending safety issues of electric water heaters, what’s wrong in being extra sure? The Maharaja Whiteline electric water heater range comes with Rust & Shock Proof Body.


It is not just about how long the warranty period is offered, rather it is necessary to see on which components is it offered. While choosing the electric water heater, it is recommended to look for a warranty on the heating element and tank too. Maharaja Whiteline electric water heaters come with a 7-years warranty on the tank with 3 years on the heating element and 2 years on product.

Why Maharaja Whiteline?

The best geysers water heater at Maharaja Whiteline are packed with stunning features such as a glass-lined coated inner tank, Incoloy glass-lined heating element, magnesium anode rod, 2 levels auto thermal cut, safety valve, smart water diffuser, tough rustproof ABS body, temperature control knob that ensures optimum results every time to use it. It has the most reasonable geyser price.

Get the best electric water heater at the optimal geyser price from Maharaja Whiteline.

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