Breezy Summers With Maharaja Whiteline Air Coolers

When the warm and pleasant winter sunshine starts to sting and the heat starts to take your energy away, it is an indication of the arrival of summer. The hot summer months make a person feel dull and unenergized. In such harsh weather, air coolers offer relief from both the heat and heavy electricity bills that haunt people during the summer season. Maharaja Whiteline is one of the top cooler brands in the market that manufacture air coolers for these hot summer months.

Although air conditioners are also popular, most people prefer evaporative or air coolers over air conditioners. There are many valid reasons why people like air coolers better than air conditioners. Some of these reasons are:

Fresh Air: Air conditioners propel the same stale air over and over again while air coolers always provide fresh air with proper ventilation. Air coolers suck air from outside and cool it down before releasing it into the room. Hence, air coolers are better for fresh air in the area.

Cost-Effective: Air conditioners use a lot of energy and thus contribute to a hefty electrical bill. Air coolers, on the other hand, are very cost-effective and consume much lesser energy than ACs. Even the best coolers consume very little energy. This means reduced electricity bills even after continuous operation. Cooler prices are much less when compared to the prices of them.

Easy To Maintain: Air coolers are easy to install and require very little maintenance throughout the season. AC requires professionals to install them and their air filters need to be cleaned regularly and require maintenance throughout the season. Air coolers are easily movable and require minimum electrical equipment, whereas an AC requires a stabilizer and special wiring.

Environment-Friendly: ACs have compressors in them that release harmful chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming, while coolers do not release any harmful substances and are eco-friendly. Air from air cooler is fresh and is cooled using natural methods.

How do Air Coolers Work?

Evaporative coolers, as the name suggests, work on the principle of evaporation to cool down the air. When hot air passes through the cooling pads, heat is transferred from the air to the cooling pads, and the running water from the motor cools down to cooling pads. This results in cool and fresh air from the air cooler.

Maharaja Whiteline’s range of air coolers is effective, economical and harness the latest technologies for efficient cooling. Air coolers require a well-ventilated area to cause a long-lasting cooling effect. Without proper ventilation, the cooler will add moisture to the air.

How To Choose The Best Air Cooler?

Before purchasing an air cooler, certain factors must be considered to decide which cooler would be the perfect fit for your home. When searching through cooler brands for the best coolers, one must also consider his needs to identify what type of cooler is best for his/her house. There are different types of coolers from various cooler brands available in the market, all having some speciality and characteristics.

Desert Coolers

Hybridcool 65 Air Cooler

Desert coolers are the best coolers for large areas such as halls, cafes, restaurants, offices, and other such places. They are very effective in dry weather conditions. Due to their big structure and huge fans, they can move large amounts of air and thus provide proper ventilation and cooling effect. Having a large water tank capacity of up to 70 Litres, Maharaja Whiteline’s desert coolers such as Hybridcool Series, Bravo Series, Glacio Series and Super Grand series provide fresh air for longer durations.

Personal Coolers

Personal coolers are small and compact coolers that are easily moveable and can be placed near a bed or sofa for instant cooling. With a tank capacity of 25 to 45 litres, these air coolers have blowers for greater air delivery. Personal coolers also have castor wheels that allow movability. They consume little energy and produce very little noise and thus are perfect for use at proximity. They take up very little space and can be used both inside and outside such as on terraces and balconies. Maharaja Whiteline has an attractive range of Frostair personal coolers that are attractive in design and occupy little space.

Tower Coolers

These coolers are preferred by those requiring compact coolers that take up little floor space and have higher cooling capacity than personal coolers. Tower coolers are sleek and easily match the aesthetics of modern homes. Apt for small to medium-sized areas, these coolers are available in attractive designs and colours that make them a perfect choice for living rooms. Tower coolers also have castor wheels that make them easily transportable, so you can use them in a variety of places. They have a water tank capacity between 20-40 Litres and provide good cooling with fewer refills. Blizzard Series from Maharaja Whiteline has a great collection of tower coolers for you to choose from.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, window coolers are installed in windows and are fixed in place. Similar to air conditioners, they don’t occupy any floor space. Many people prefer window coolers because of their ability to cool effectively and provide fresh air at all times. These coolers have a large tank capacity and don’t require more than 1-2 refills a day. Window coolers have louvres and four-way air deflection system that spread cool air evenly throughout the room.

Maharaja Whiteline is a leading brand that produces the best coolers to tackle the hot summer months in India. In Northern India, temperatures can peak to as much as 48-degree celsius! The air cooler price list of Maharaja Whiteline is very economical and is perfect for coolers of such innovative features.

Coolers from Maharaja Whiteline have anti-bacterial water tanks, high air delivery, ice chamber, aroma chamber, anti-mosquito, and anti-dust net, motorized louvres, castor wheels, and some coolers allow remote operation for comfortable accessibility. Visit Maharaja Whiteline’s official website to view and purchase the best coolers for your home and workplace.

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