A story of the washer with southern stamped jewellery

Has anyone gifted you a piece of “something” that later becomes so close to you that you silently started sharing your feelings or praying to that piece of “something” and that “something” also started giving you hope that everything is perfect?

The same had happened to me when my sister gifted me with a piece of memorial gifts for the loss of dad from the southern stamped jewellery store.  That was a washer. The washer as a memorial gift for the loss of dad craved “my dad my angel” on it.

The washer she gifted me is from southern stamped jewellery.

The southern stamped jewellery store is a place where one can get personalized pieces of memorial gifts. It can be a memorial gift for the loss of dad or memorial jewellery for the loved one who is no more with you or with you.

You can personalise the stamp according to your wish and even if you want it for the style purposes. The handmade personal piece of the washer is now my go to partner. The write-in “my dad, my angel” with the adjustable leather cord, makes it comfortable to wear in hands and around the neck as well.


Southern stamped jewellery has been working on the customised pieces “in memory of dad jewellery” for years. They provide a variety of options according to your style preferences and needs.

There are multiple reasons for choosing this place for this special gift.

1.   Lifetime warranty

Any piece in the memory of dad gifts you have from southern stamped jewellery assures lifetime warranty of the memorial jewellery.

2.   Handmade and personalised

Hands always care for the piece holding it. The handmade things still have a vibe of focus, care and love the person put into while designing it. The handcrafted pieces are one of the main factors for choosing memorial gifts for the loss of dad, especially from the southern stamped jewellery store as all the jewellery they provide is handmade in the USA.

The personalised lines in the memory of dad gifts make it more emotionally attached to the individual as you can choose the words that you had in common with the loved ones.

●    The affordable range of the customised pieces

When it comes to the price range of memorial jewellery, they are affordable to every segment of people searching in the memory of dad jewellery. The pieces are timeless and made keeping your personal preferences in mind. The adjustable leather belt with the silver washer, the personal lines stamped on it is something to steal your heart every time.

There are multiple colours options available in the segment, and the length is adjustable, allowing you to wear it as you want.

The memorial jewellery also includes various options such as necklace, bracelets, keyrings, etc.

One can choose from a variety of these having multiple designs and lucky charms added to it. These pieces in the memory of dad jewellery help you remember the quality time you spent with them. You can also add some beads according to the birth month to make it more graceful.

It was a great experience while wearing this washer with something “personal” written over it. It reminds me of the mechanic version of my dad, and times when we both work in our garage for hours.

This piece of the washer from “the memorial gift for the loss of dad”, is something lightweight and easy to wear at any time or occasion. The adjustable cord allows me to wear it around my wrist as well. Also, the affordable range of in the memory of dad jewellery makes it available to all segments of people. The creative designs and finely crafted pieces always win the heart.


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